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In Santa Maria della Pace we find one of the Chigi Chapels, where over the arch of the chapel in 1514 Raphael painted for Agostino Chigi the discussed Sibyls chats, discussed because Michelangelo accused Raphael of having spied on while he frescoed the Sistine Chapel and have painted the Sibyls copying him.

In reality these sibyls have very little to do with Michelangelo, among other things, one of the Sibyls is the portrait of Fornarina.

Anyway when it came time to pay the administrator of Agostino Chigi judged too high the price demanded by Raphael and asked an expert, naming top expert Michelangelo, imagining him being enemy of Raphael would have proved him right.

Twist! Michelangelo not only gave reason to Raphael, but added that he had asked for very little.

The administrator had to dip into the bag.

The fresco by Raphael in the picture above shows the prophets Habakkuk, Jonah, David and Daniel, it is believed that Raphael has prepared the designs and perhaps the cartoons, but the painting was made ​​in the workshop,


the Sibyls are by Raphael himself, from left to right we see the sibyl of Cumae, the sibyl Persica, the Libyan sibyl (Fornarina), and lastly the sibyl Tiburtina.


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