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Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Naples 1596 - Rome 1660), son of the Florentine Peter and the Neapolitan Angelica Galante, learned the art from his father, who built the famous “Barcaccia” in Rome, Spagna square; the Assumption of the Virgin in the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore and a significant San Giovanni Battista, in the Barberini Chapel at Sant'Andrea della Valle.

Just a Barberini, Maffeo, who became Pope with the name of Urban VIII, took under his wing Gian Lorenzo.

Cornaro Chapel at Santa Maria della Vittoria

Among the main Roman works by Bernini we exibit: in the Borghese Gallery David, the Rape of Proserpina, Apollo and Daphne, Enea and Anchise; at San Pietro in Vatican: the Baldachin, the Cathedra, the memorial of Pope Urbano VIII and Alessandro VII, San Longino, Matilde di Canossa, the tabernacle with angels in the Sacramento Chapel; at Santa Maria della Vittoria the Cornaro Chapel; the two angels in Sant’Andrea delle Fratte.

The two angels in a Sant'Andrea delle Fratte - click to enlarge

At Santa Maria sopra Minerva we can see the portrait of cardinal Naro, the memorial of Giovanni Vigevano and Maria Raggi.

At San Francesco a Ripa the memorial of blessed Beata Ludovica Albertoni; at San Lorenzo in Lucina the bust Fonseca; at San Lorenzo in Damaso the memorial of Alessandro Valtrini; at Santa Maria del Popolo the prophets Abacuc and Daniele.

Moreover he draw the little Elephant (by the Romans named chick), in Minerva Square; in Barberini square he carved the Triton, in Navona square the wonderful and famous Four Rivers Fountain.

The little Elephant in Minerva Square - click to enlarge

Finally at San Marcello al Corso, one can admire an enchanting Pity by Bernini aids.

Gian Lorenzo is buried in Santa Maria Maggiore.





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